What We Do

The George Gray Centre offers a range of services across the Wellington Shire aimed at improving the lives of individuals with a disability. We aim to achieve this by delivering a range of ‘Group Based’ and ‘One to One’ activities focusing on developing skills in the following areas:

Personal Development & Life Skills

Social & Community Engagement

Sports & Recreation

Creative Arts

Health & Wellbeing

& Life Skills

The personal development and life skills programs provide opportunities for people to build on their existing skills through activities designed to increase daily living skills.


Social & Community Engagement

We recognise that every person is unique.  We help people with a disability to identify what support is needed to achieve their individual goals and how they can become a valuable member within their community. 

Community access

Participants will explore our beautiful local environment including national parks in the area. Engaging with this activity gives the participants the opportunity to increase well-being and fitness and allows them to get out into nature and interact with peers.


Creative Arts

Participants are encouraged to use their creativity using a variety of mediums.

Art works have been part of exhibitions at Gippsland Art gallery



Health & Wellbeing

The George Gray Centre has a range of activities that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle. Many of our clients participate in swimming and gym sessions, zumba dancing, fishing, bowling, outdoor adventures as well as independent living skills to further enhance their lifestyle.